have you had that one thing you wanted your whole life, every moment you wished it would came true and when it does it lose all its value? yeah that’s me and this obligatory medical leave. got the week off because pinkeye and off days are kinda boring when you neither plan nor expected it.

here’s what i did to kill time;

1) playing School Idol Festival on my android. all. the. fucking. time. and i never even watched the animu.

2) organizing my jpop folders. zipping those i don’t love anymore. sorry Kobayashi i love you but your musical career is just ridiculous.

3) rewriting my original fic, thinking to upload it to AO3. motivation died in just two hours fixing my fucking grammarrrr.

4) tried translating Gakuen Babysitters the latest chapters that i managed to find in Japanese. died of fatal shot of kirin’s babyspeak.

5) Mai Fukui is Aimer? - my jpop conspiracy.

6) Atelier Meruru is basically Rorona and Totori in one game.

7) deleted my saved files for Pokemon X in hope to try playing it again. soon. maybe.

8) TMGS3 re-play sounds plausible.

9) daydreaming the day when Revo would work together with Shikata.

10) really considering to watch Silver Spoon animu because based on what i heard about it sounds decent enough. the only thing that kept me from doing so before was I never a fan of Arakawa’s other works.



Upcoming Releases:

JUJU - Last Scene

Aimer - 誰か、海を。

JAMOSA - Love Ain’t Easy

May J. - 本当の恋

GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE - Always with you

etsuco - ambitious

Yasuda Rei - Mirror

BoA - Who’s Back

chay - Summer Darling

femalesss<3 *completely ignoring generations lol*

god i swear aimer got the best art director for her releases. all her cover arts so far are just too mega pretty.

anyone knows where i can find gakuen babysitters’ japanese raws?

been reading this and liked it a lot. thought it’s a nice challenge for me to attempt to read the babytalk because i may have forgotten many of my japanese already. i know the scanlation available uses chinese translation but i can’t seem to find them in japanese. help?

on that note, i think i’d watch it if this series got animu. it’s a nice slow paced story with nice characters and name-play. plus, two girls who apparently liked the same guy but instead of fighting over that shit, they try to be friends with one another. how cool is that?!

trivia i just found out, the shortened name for this series is actually 学ベビ and for no reason i just fucking find that interesting. it’s the same excitement when i try to find the animal in everyone’s name omg midori is written as ‘pretty bird’ asdfghjkl


at first i expected a sacchan centric arc but then there’s zenzou and i thought ‘okay. they both share some past together. plausible.’ then they give me the shinsengumi, i thought ‘sure. sacchan’s job does include with badass old man matsuidara. shinsengumi in the picture is plausible.’ later kiheitai and the yato jumps in and okita vs. kamui and i just lost all my shittttttt.

sorachi, i just need my sacchan okay. you don’t have to go all the fucking way like this. unless you give me sacchan vs. kamui. or sacchan vs. ten thousand men. or ‘gura & sacchan vs. kamui. whichever it is. i need to see more sacchan in battles.

if you don’t, i can’t imagine what my kobayashi will do to you